All the Memories!

As we continue building and developing this site, we’ve started uploading some of our photos from the last 6+ years of camaraderie and competition – and there are plenty of great photos!

Feel free to click through our gallery to see some of the great photos and please let us know if you have any others you’d like us to put up.

Hedwig at Lake George
Here’s Hedwig – where else can you find him on the site?

Some of the photos you’ll see are of a particularly sassy owl, whose name is ‘Hedwig’.  Named after the eponymous bird from the Harry Potter franchise, Hedwig was the crew’s mascot in the squad’s 2015 Head of the Charles Tour.  Some say he is now secretly in charge of the new ‘Rowing Underground,’ while others think he’s the camera-owl filming the wonderful drone shots taken out at the International Regatta Centre. No-one knows for sure, but we know this isn’t the last you’ll see of our Hedwig!

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