Tuesday-Tip: How to tie down a boat

Once you’ve been involved in rowing for long enough, you start to pick up your own particular ways of taking care of your equipment.  Whether it is how you wash and clean your hull, when to replace your fasteners, or where you put your oars on the pontoon, everyone has their own opinions and their own particular ways.

Tying boats down to racks, and on trailers, is one of the most important parts of safely transporting equipment.  Do it right and you’ll have a stress-free drive, but if you tie down a boat too tightly, you can crack the shell and be up for a hefty repair bill (not to mention forgetting to tie down a boat, or using poor-quality equipment which then fails in transit – think of flying boats on a highway and I’m sure you’ll wince!)

In this video, I show you my preferred way to ensure a strong, secure tie-down, while trying to prevent any damage to the equipment.  Is this how you tie down your equipment? If you have any suggestions please comment below!

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