NSW State Championship Success!

Community Rowing Club has made history by winning its first ever rowing state championship and securing a silver medal in the PR3 Mixed Coxed Fours event at the NSW Rowing State Championships on February 13, 2023. The achievement has brought great pride to the club, and has set the stage for the team to compete at the upcoming Rowing Australian Championships in Western Australia.

The Community Rowing Club has been training hard for months to prepare for the state championships, and their efforts paid off in a big way. The team’s dedication and hard work on and off the water have been instrumental in achieving this significant milestone, which is a testament to the club’s commitment to excellence and teamwork.

The silver medal in the PR3 Mixed Coxed Fours event was particularly impressive, given the hard work of both crews over the previous months of training as an integrated squad. Congratulations also to the excellent athletes from Bundaberg Rowing Club and Shellharbour City Rowing Club who joined forces with the Community crews in such excellent fashion!

The Gold Medal winning crew consisted of: Kevin Wall [Shellharbour City RC], James Hunt [Community RC], Lauren Webber [Community RC] and Bronte Marshall [Community RC] with Cox: Alex Bentley [Balmain RC], and the Silver Medal winning crew consisted of: Sam Shalhoub [Community RC], Fiona Jackson [Community RC], Rebecca Markwell [Bundaberg RC], and Christian Lane-Krebs [Bundaberg RC], with Cox: Anne Craig [Community RC]

The team’s remarkable performance was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the rowers and their coaches Anne, Barbara and Liam, who have been working tirelessly to perfect their technique and strategy.

With the state championship in the bag, the Community Rowing Club is now setting its sights on the Rowing Australian Championships in Western Australia, which are set to take place in a month. The team is ready to take on the challenge and compete against the best rowers in the country.

The club’s president, Barbara Ramjan, expressed her pride and admiration for the team’s achievements, stating, “Our rowers have shown incredible dedication and hard work to bring this championship home. Their teamwork and commitment have been truly inspirational, and we’re thrilled to see them achieve such great success. We’re looking forward to the Australian Championships and are confident that our team will continue to make us proud.”

Congratulations also to the Community Rowers who competed in the small boats events of the singles and doubles, with encouraging results in all races!

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