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Community Rowing Club is a new club, and we are always looking for new members!


During the week and on weekends training takes place on the Lane Cove River. Training camps are also held throughout the year at the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC), Penrith, and on the rivers at Grafton and Taree.


Those participants who wish to compete in regattas are able to do so in the various local club regattas and Championship regattas organised by Rowing NSW and held on Iron Cove or at SIRC.

The highest level of competition takes place at the Australian National championships organised by Rowing Australia and drawing international as well as Australian crews. At certain local club and State regattas composite crews are permitted to race, our crews may be made up of rowers with the
from different clubs and/or States.

The Club has been very active in encouraging interstate rowers to join with rowers from NSW to compete in the NSW State Championship regattas. As part of our para-program, our crews have comprised rowers from NSW, from WA, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. 


Coaching is undertaken by three volunteer coaches all of whom have a long and successful association with the sport of rowing and teaching young people the art and skills of rowing. All have achieved Level 2 or 3 NCAS coach accreditation.


The Club has both training and racing equipment catering to recreational and competitive rowers, in all boat classes.

Para-rowers require additional and different equipment to able bodied rowers to cater for their disability and meet additional safety levels. TA and AS rowers use boats with a fixed seat with balance provided by pontoons attached to the riggers.  CRC has equipment that caters to para-rowers as well as non-para rowers.  Many of our boats are suitable for use by rowers of multiple ability levels and experience.

The costs involved in running a rowing program are significant. For a pararowing squad it is even higher because of the specialised equipment required each individual rower. The Club relies on the support of donors and fundraising to meet these costs and ensure the continuing growth of the program at the community level.

The Club is grateful for the support it has received from Rowing NSW which has donated specialised boats and equipment, and individual supporters who have donated boats and other equipment for the Club’s use.

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