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From brand new rowers to those looking to re-enter the sport, we have the Course for you!

Current Course Full:

NOTE – Our Current Learn to Row Course is full, but you can sign up for our waiting list for our next course in Spring 2024 below:

Our Learn to Row Program

A core priority of the Community Rowing Club is introducing the sport of rowing to members of our community who have not previously had the opportunity or experience to get into a boat.

Through our learn to row program, participants will learn the basics of boat handling, safety on the water, and the key parts of rowing technique, from:

  • how to manoeuvre and propel a boat;
  • how to balance and set up a boat;
  • how to work together as a crew;
  • how to maintain timing and rhythm;
  • how to handle a sweep and sculling oar; and
  • how to have fun in a boat!

Our learn to row course is perfect for young children who are looking to get an early start in our sport, or adults who are looking to learn a new skill, join a sports team and work towards competition, or look for a fun new social and recreational activity they haven’t tried before.

If you’ve ever been curious about the sport, but didn’t know where to start, this is certainly the place.

Details of our Next Course

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